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You will recieve 1x Palo Santo Stick that will last around 20 uses or more.


As an alternative to Sage, to smoke cleanse our crystals, selves and our space, we instead use ethically sourced Palo Santo wood.


Not all sources of this sacred wood are the same, and can in themselves be unethical if not harvested in the correct way. Only mature plants, around 50–70 years of age, develop the “heart”—a dense, deeply resined core—necessary for distillation into an essential oil. And palo santo trees produce the finest oils when they die naturally and sit on the forest floor for several years.For the wood to be ethically sourced, the wood must sit on the floor for between 4 and 10 years, rather than be cruelly cut down. According to shamanic practice, the tree's spirit transforms once it dies, and its spiritual properties are released after a long time of being dead.


It is also important that the wood be harvested by local people appreciative of its heritage and sacredness.At Acantha Crystals we buy small amounts directly from the Mexican people who live beside the sacred trees.


When burning Palo Santo, I urge you to do so with cultural appreciation at heart, and only when necessary.


(More photos to come.)

Palo Santo Stick

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