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Services & Treatments

Here you can find and book sessions of Usui Reiki accompanied by Crystal Healing from the comfort of your own home for yourself, a loved one, or a beloved pet. 

These sessions will be delivered remotely, meaning that I perform this treatment by proxy in my own home, whilst you remain in your home. 

To learn more about Usui Reiki as well as my Certifcations please click on the link below.


90 Minute Distance Reiki & Crystal Healing Session- £40

After purchasing this session, I ask that you please send me an email via the website to arrange a suitable time and date for your healing session to take place.

My email is should you wish to email us outside of the website. 


Although Distance Healing sessions can be sent to any location across the world, and at any time, it is recommended that during the session you lay down/sit comfortably in a quiet, calming space in which you will not be disturbed during a time that we have scheduled. This is to allow you to be fully receiving of the Reiki energies, as well as to allow you to relax your nervous system and feel the nuances in your body and mind. 

I encourage you to please send a recent photo of yourself (or the person that you wish to send Reiki to) so that I can better attune to your energies.

You only need to be still like this for 60 minutes as this is the duration of the actual healing session, the extra 30 to 45 minutes will be time for me to write and send your personalised notes. 


Your session will begin with an intuitively chosen cleansing mist, before I invoke the sacred Usui Reiki symbols. 

Your chakras will be checked prior to me chanelling the Reiki, where I will use my crystal pendulum to assess whether each chakra is in balance and I will make notes on this which you will receive a copy of at the end.

I will then select the most appropriate crystals for your session, placing them where they are needed on a board which will act as a proxy, before chanelling the Reiki for the majority of the session. 

I will make notes of all of the intuitive messages that I receive during the session, letting you know these also, before finishing with another chakra assessment. 

Following the session, I recommend that you drink lots of water to assist in the release of old and stagnant energies. 


90 Minute Distance Reiki & Crystal Healing Session for your Pet - Introductory Price £25

Please see the information to the left regarding a typical Reiki healing session as this is much the same with your little lovelies.

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Usui Reiki Pay In Advance- 4 Sessions- £135

This is a discounted rate for 4 healing sessions: the times and dates of which will be arranged independently.

This is a saving of £25, making individual sessions £33.75 each. 

Image by Sierra NiCole Narvaeth

Chakra Reading with Crystal Recommendations- £16

This session will include the invoking of sacred Reiki symbols, but not the extended transmuting of Reiki energy as typical in a 60 minute healing session. 

I encourage you to please send a recent photo of yourself (or the person that you wish to send Reiki to) so that I can better attune to your energies. 

Here I will use my crystal pendulum to individually tune in to your chakras, making notes on which ones I find to be underactive/closed, balanced/open, or overactive. 

I will then intuitively select crystals that I recommend for you to work with in your own time and provide the list of these to you as well as your chakra reading.


"I felt very relaxed during the session helped by the music that was recommended. Having not tried distance reiki before I wasn’t sure what I would feel, but a number of times I felt sensations in my feet.
After the session I was sent detailed feedback on the crystals that were chosen for each of my chakras and why, all of which I felt a connection to.
Denica shared her notes on which of my chakras were open and closed and what she felt the reasons or meaning could be, suggesting affirmations and crystals to work with. All the feedback resonated with me in some way and gave me lots to think about and work with, I would highly recommend!" -A

"This was my first proper experience having received distance reiki, I wasn’t sure what to expect with it being distance but I definitely came out of it completely blown away. 

I used the music which was recommended which definitely helped, lit a candle and relaxed into the hour ahead. Time itself went really quickly and I was quite surprised with what I experienced, as I could feel sensations of cooling and tingling in my legs and feet, with a light lighting up my visuals at one point, even with my eyes closed. 

I then received Denica’s notes from the session and when reading them I felt an instant emotional wave come over me. It was so interesting reading what she had worked with and had done throughout the session on her end, and explained the whole of her notes in great detail which I wholly appreciated. 

Ever since my mind has felt lighter, and with the possibility of working with more reiki sessions in the future I’m excited to see what it will bring. 

I would definitely recommend Denica, Acantha Crystals and this treatment!" -H

"Reiki with Denica was beautifully relaxing. I knew I could trust her for energy healing because of her warm kind energy. She was professional throughout, providing me with information about what to expect and clear feedback. As someone with ADHD I often find it hard to relax fully during reiki and meditation, but during my session with denica I fell asleep after about 10 minutes! At the start of the session I also felt a strong amount of energy around my third eye and could feel energy clearing. Thank you Denica!" -A

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